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Technology at Southeast Fabricators

At Southeast Fabricators, we implement the latest industry technologies to build projects to our clients’ specifications. Our dedicated detailing team uses SDS 2, AutoCAD, and Bluebeam to prepare shop drawings for fabrication. Our in-house professional engineer is well versed in connection design. FabTrol is used to manage inventory (orders, stock, and usage) in order to maintain accountability of material, which is then cut, drilled, punched, and coped using ShopData, PeddiMat, and PeddiNest programs. 

Our team devoted to these programs uses downloads directly from SDS 2 to create files for our Peddinghaus Machines. A traveler (list of material to be fabricated) is used in the shop to ensure all material is fabricated. In-house Quality Assurance/Quality Control personnel ensure our work meets the highest standards. Once fabrication is complete, FabTrol is again used to create lists, which are used by the shipping department to ensure the material gets on the truck to our clients. 

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