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Automation is Shaping the Steel Fabrication Business

Automation is playing an increasingly important role in the steel fabrication business. Automation technologies such as robotics, CNC machines, and other advanced equipment are being used to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of steel fabrication processes. Here are some ways in which automation is shaping the steel fabrication business:


The Process of American Institute of Steel Construction Certification

AISC Certification is a quality management system that is specific to the structural steel fabrication industry. The AISC Certification process is designed to help fabricators improve their operations, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their work.

Here are the key steps involved in the AISC Certification process:

By the Numbers: Port Allen Grain Export Facility

Have you ever been to the Port Allen region of Louisiana? Port Allen is in West Baton Rouge Parish and is located on the West bank of the Mississippi River between Interstate 10 and US Highway 190. If you’ve ever driven through this area, you’re sure to notice the beautiful Mississippi, but also construction work taking place along the river bank. For several years now, Southeast Fabricators, Inc. has been blessed to be able to work with customers in this area of the United States.

SEFab team recognized as finalists for SDS/2 Detailing competition

SDS/2 Detailing offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3-D steel detailing. In addition to leveraging the SDS/2 software and attending the yearly conference, we’re incredibly proud that the SEFab detailing team has been consistently featured in the solid steel competition, and have been recognized as finalist in two of their competitions.