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Our Process


Project Setup

Whether it's handrail, platforms and/or trusses, the project setup and planning phase is the key step to ensuring that each project meets your needs and our standards.


Material Control

We track everything. From each item in a steel order to where your steel is at every step of the fabrication process on the shop floor. We use leading enterprise material and project inventory systems on the market to facilitate accurate tracking.


Detail Engineering

Details are important. During the drawing process we plan every bolt, measurement, and dimension and plan each cut, drill and weld.



Using detailing specification and project setup, we move your steel through our fabrication shop. Each step is tracked and individually verified.



We offer a range of coatings to support the materials ordered. Our coating services are a capstone to our award winning fabrication. We make certain the coatings provided are applied evenly according to manufacturer’s recommendations and are cured thoroughly.


Project Review

Before anything is shipped to you, we review every document, file, and specification for your project and make certain that what you require is what we deliver.


Project Complete!

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