The Process of American Institute of Steel Construction Certification

AISC Certification is a quality management system that is specific to the structural steel fabrication industry. The AISC Certification process is designed to help fabricators improve their operations, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their work.

Here are the key steps involved in the AISC Certification process:

1. Pre-Assessment: Before beginning the certification process, a fabricator must complete a pre-assessment to determine whether they are ready for a full assessment. During the pre-assessment, an AISC auditor reviews the fabricator’s documentation, processes, and procedures to identify any areas that need improvement.

2. Documentation Review: Once the fabricator has passed the pre-assessment, they must submit their quality management system documentation for review. The AISC auditor reviews the documentation to ensure that it meets the requirements of the AISC Certification program.

3. On-Site Assessment: After the documentation review is complete, the AISC auditor conducts an on-site assessment of the fabricator’s facility. During the assessment, the auditor examines the fabricator’s processes, procedures, and operations to verify that they meet the requirements of the AISC Certification program.

4. Corrective Actions: If the auditor identifies any deficiencies during the assessment, the fabricator must develop and implement corrective actions to address them. The auditor reviews the corrective actions to ensure that they are effective.

5. Certification Decision: Once the assessment is complete and all corrective actions have been implemented, the AISC auditor makes a recommendation on whether the fabricator should be certified. If the auditor recommends certification, the fabricator is awarded AISC Certification.

6. Maintenance of Certification: Once a fabricator is certified, they must maintain their certification by participating in regular assessments and audits. This ensures that the fabricator continues to meet the requirements of the AISC Certification program and maintains a high level of quality in their work.

Overall, the AISC Certification process is designed to ensure that fabricators meet high standards of quality, safety, and performance in their work. By becoming certified, fabricators can demonstrate their commitment to excellence and enhance their reputation in the industry.

Southeast Fabricators, Inc. received our certification in 2018 and have been improving our process every year. We recently had our 2 day audit with Quality Management Systems Auditor. We had no Corrective Actions, and no Areas of Concern.

It is our commitment to set the standard for the Structural Steel Industry. This program is to confirm to the design community, the construction industry, and public officials that we adhere to the programs criteria, have the personnel, organization, experience, documented procedures, knowledge, equipment, and commitment to quality perform fabrication. Our program focuses on the entire process of fabrication. We build quality from the start by focusing on error prevention rather than error correction.

Until next time,

 Tim Case